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aqif j ashfaque writes on 2012-06-30:
vey good game
kiiss girll writes on 2011-08-06:
Butter-Lover writes on 2010-07-08:
The game is a very good game! But the harder levels are a bit too hard I think. I would like it more if the harder levels were less hard and I would like it also if there was no time limit.Those were my comments about this game. It is half-half for me.
gfhg writes on 2010-05-27:
xxxxxxxaaaaaaaaaaa weno q pasa
desuree writes on 2010-01-18:
This game is the best in the hole world
fabian patricia writes on 2009-11-09:
Kayfarik writes on 2009-09-13:
maria writes on 2009-06-05:
miranda writes on 2009-05-18:
this game is like confusing like omg (ohh my god)
mustang555(roxanne) writes on 2009-05-18:
luv this game sooooooooooooo much better than all of yall
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