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poop writes on 2012-11-23:
i love you s
vaishu writes on 2011-10-17:
fantastic 2 piy dis game
kadesha writes on 2010-05-22:
this game is excellent over
Wafieldn DaienstYien writes on 2009-12-02:
is this a cool games?????or u guys like her..ha3..i'm just kidding..this is a g00d cool games....nothings wrong..LOL..ha3
Lirio Jaimez writes on 2009-10-30:
I like this game because I get to desigen Selena
ichaa writes on 2009-10-17:
Tia writes on 2009-08-26:
I agree with the others this game rules!Ill rate this game 5 STARS!
hailey writes on 2009-07-26:
i absolutly luv it it's so fabulous.
maureen writes on 2009-06-28:
i love this game so much. because it has so meny great things
maureen writes on 2009-06-28:
i love thiss game so much.
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