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kipper writes on 2012-08-03:
saad6666 writes on 2012-05-28:
tell me wy you have to protect a castle in a game boring
:P writes on 2011-09-19:
well i sude get off the compu its geting prity layt good nigt
bob writes on 2011-06-19:
are all games on this site copy off of things
dgfhf writes on 2011-03-10:
wtfdo people realy like tis?!!!
goose writes on 2011-01-03:
i hated it!!!
tima writes on 2010-12-19:
yesman writes on 2010-05-28:
its not rely good
Mr. Sophisticated :P writes on 2009-07-16:
They game was prealright But there were a few glitches with the weapon switching which caused loss of game a few times. oVerall a nice game with only a slight couple of let downs