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TasshaaBabbbyyx writes on 2009-12-10:
wtfff, i donnt have a diaary whoo woouldd;youurmummm. and dont tell me HIM iss himm the laad we do talkk about :L ? x
emily writes on 2009-12-09:
i ment my name to be emilyxjayne not 'e' sorry ppl and tasha! :p
e writes on 2009-12-09:
i know how 2 do it and i can do it betta than u and no i dont watch u do it wiv him' i read ur diary annnd wo have u been up 2 tut tut lmao x
Tasshaaa ;) writes on 2009-12-09:
who goess **
Tashaaaaa ;) writes on 2009-12-09:
Oh yeeh emilyxjaynne im the onne who doeds go all the waay hoow do youu noe, eyy ? beenn looking upp on mee geting all jealouus. well ateast i no how to blooddy do it !
emilyxjayne writes on 2009-12-08:
thats rite ppl tasha is the one who will go all the way!
emilyxjayne writes on 2009-12-08:
hello people tasha is the one whos single and lookin. she is only sayin tht so tht the HUNKY' lads will answer her comment thing then she will yahnooo get in there! x tasha u naughty girl but i have u figured out
Tasha and Abby writes on 2009-12-08:
still waaiting forr a hunkky laddss
Tasha and Abby writes on 2009-12-08:
Our friend Emily.Jayne Barratt is single !! anyyonnee want herrr? she gets it on quite far, yaahnoe. andd she does get naughty in that kind of waay,
abby & tasha x writes on 2009-12-08:
this game is cool !!!
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