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anne writes on 2009-06-18:
SmargamersX writes on 2008-01-22:
Cheat Codes The Eve Of darkness: (This might work if you have a Windows Vista or Mac) When you are playing press the right mouse button and thers a menu options screen. Press the back btton. Repeat the process and the screen will sudenly turn dark and spooky. Preety cool.
RobbyGarrett writes on 2007-09-09:
I like the weapons and defenses you can buy in this game. Its entertaining but the graphics could have been better. The zombies saying, "brains" like night of the living dead was funny.
.45 Gear writes on 2007-03-20:
its ok
vittorio miguel m go writes on 2007-03-10:
this game is so slow even my computer is pentium 4
Renny Rine writes on 2007-03-09:
i iight but i hvent even played