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bowtuck writes on 2009-01-26:
uh,i like this game very much
jackhammercrash writes on 2009-01-25:
idk what to saylol random
rob writes on 2008-12-06:
boring i heard snake eyes vs shadow ninja is better but this boring
arth writes on 2008-08-22:
matt writes on 2008-03-29:
dont play this , this is one of the most rubbishest gam3s i ever played .
marty writes on 2008-03-04:
i own anyone at this game lol jk.
MARTY writes on 2008-03-04:
sabawon writes on 2008-02-23:
it so boring!!!
it borink writes on 2008-02-23:
it borink
SAM JJJJJ writes on 2008-02-23:
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