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skidkid writes on 2008-01-28:
first time
45jam writes on 2007-10-30:
revanth writes on 2007-10-22:
its the worst gameie,boka
hb3 & kb4 writes on 2007-09-28:
archie writes on 2007-07-18:
the 12 fighter is very dangerous
bezurk writes on 2007-06-12:
cool but its boring and esay
bezurk writes on 2007-06-12:
this game load fast but i think all u guys in satate r moore faster it almost didint workYES!!! IT
Brandon writes on 2007-06-07:
no way this game is awesome look im playing the worlds smallest Violen
CDGFDHC writes on 2007-06-07:
DEAN writes on 2007-06-05:
IT GETS SO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!
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